Bob came home early in the day with an upset stomach.  He caught me lying down, so I jumped up as soon as I heard the door to the house open.  He didn’t bother me or interfere with my day, but I felt watched.  I didn’t have anything planned and didn’t have any laundry to do, but I felt compelled to look busy.  I needed to run get Bob’s suit from the cleaners and go get medicine, and I tried to get them done unobtrusively.  I worked on a blog post, I revised on an essay I had worked on, and I checked my email and social media a lot. I felt ashamed that I wasn’t doing more in the house, that I wasn’t’ doing Stay-at-Home-Mom things.

I feel this way a lot, but when I’m alone, it doesn’t bother me as much as when someone is around.  The only mess in the house that is my responsibility is the laundry room, ut I did other things rather than try to work on it.  Should I be ashamed?  Or not?

I don’t’ think so because I will get around to it when I get ready.  I wonder if Bob feels the same way.

Anyway.  That was my paranoid thought for the day.  Hope everyone has a good time reading and has a good weekend otherwise.



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