Publication Again!

Had a short story published today in–my story about a girl  who discovers she’s adopted and the journey that puts her on.  It’s called “Looking for Home” and is the features story of the day on the site. SO I am excited about that.  I have stories and essays out to all kinds of publications to see if they might be interested in them.   We will see if any others turn up soon.

I dont’ feel well. I went to a doctor today and have an upper respiratory infection with cough, runny nose, sore throat, and ear pain.  I got some medicine and will see if that helps me feel better.

Going out of town this weekend to a dance competition.  FUn, fun. Hopefully they will do well and have fun.  I just hope to get through it with this cough, etc.  Trying to get packed and whatnot. I really just want to go to bed.  My cough kept me from sleeping last night very well.

Thinking about trying to finish a short story I started several years ago.  It’s about a guy who finds an unconscious girl in the front seat of his truck, naked under a blanket and what happens to his life as the police investigate while she stays unconscious at the local hospital. I think it may be interesting to do.  But I’ll start on it next week and see what I can do with it.

I feel pretty stable today.  Just a naxious about the dance stuff, so I’m taking my Xanax with me :).  We will see how it all turns out, I just wish I felt better physically.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a good weekend.


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