Took the middle child back to the doctor yesterday to see why her chest is still hurting and why she is still coughing. He gave her a new antibiotic and decided to do a chest x-ray and EKG just  to see if anything else was going on.  SO we went and did that this morning before she went to school.  Hopefully we will hear something soon and see what we can do for her.  He also made a referral for her to the local allergy clinic so we can see if she has seasonal allergies like Bob.  So hopefully we can attack this business on a couple of different tracks and see if we can get her well.

I feel pretty decent today except for this cold/crud that is still hanging around.  I’m partway through my antibiotic and don’t have the sore throat or ears any more, but I still have a bit of a cough.  But I am better.  Mentally I am pretty good except I want to go to sleep. I have a lot of laundry to do from the trips this weekend so we will see how I can wade through that.



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