Knocking Around

I’m working on getting laundry done and wondering if I’m ever going to do real creative writing again.  I’m sure at some point I will in my program, but I mean for fun again. I have a piece I am knocking around in my head to try to complete as a short story, but I can’t find the motivation or inspiration to work on it.  I’m already 16 pages into it saved on my computer, but I got stuck and now don’t know where to go with it.  I may ask my nonfiction teacher (who also does fiction) to look at it and see if she can give me inspiration.   We will see.

I fee like I live in a. pill factory.  In addition to my regular meds, I have three meds I’m taking for my upper respiratory infection and my knee medicine. I’m swallowing so many pills a day it’s ridiculous.  But that is just the way things are right now.  Hopefully I will soon be done with the antibiotic and see how I feel after that.

I need to be getting ready for the birthday party this weekend–my oldest and next oldest have a party Sunday and I need to wrap presents.  But I am so lazy-feeling today.  I need something to jumpstart my enthusiasm. I am sleepy but have managed to stay awake all day today.  I will get it done eventually.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



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