Birthday Party

We had my two oldest girls’ birthday party yesterday.  They seemed to enjoy all their presents–particularly what we got them 🙂  We always try to get fun things instead of practical–the grandparents often take care of the practical stuff.   Like we got  the middle one a Doctor Who adult coloring book and Doctor Who earrings.  Everyone came but my sister’s family–her husband had a family reunion so they went to that.  But that’s okay.

I’m still waiting to hear from people about interviews for my story I want to do for Creative Nonfiction.  My friend has her emailed questions and has said she will reply–and I haven’t heard from anyone else.  I can write the article just with Jo’s input I think–It’ll just be more informal than I planned.  We will see.

Slept in this morning. Then spent time deleting old emails out of my school inbox–I got rid of everything from the fall semester that I didn’t think I needed any more.  It was a little trip down memory lame 🙂  I really bothered my professor a lot more last semester than this semester.  But I put that down to not having much confidence in myself in that class.  I have felt much more comfortable in this one.  I wonder what my summer one is going to be like.

FInally done with my antibiotic.  I’m going to keep taking the Zyrtec and see fi I can control the sniffles and such with it. I feel like a pill factory rep with all the meds I have in my bathroom.  I hate all the meds. But that’s just the way it is.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good start to the week.




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