Alexandra Stoddard

So today I got to interview Ms. Stoddard about my article I’m going to submit to Creative Nonfiction!  She was so gracious.  She called me around nine this morning and just gave me generous time to finish my questions and write everything down.  She even gave me her personal number incase I needed to call her again for other information.  So I  have had an uplifting morning already!  If you are not familiar with her design and  art-of-living philosophy, go to her site and brows her books.  Her seminal work is “Living a Beautiful Life” and is a good introduction to her work.

Now on e my friend gives her clinician’s opinion, I’ll b ready to write.  I’ll get it in well before the deadline and  see what happens.   I really feel good about doing this article.  I think it’s going to come together well and have a chance to be accepted.

I remember my friend Deidre lending me the book “Living a Beautiful LIfe” when I was in college and then finding it in a bookstore much later once I married and buying it.  I now own almost all her books that are still in print and love to get them out and read them for inspiration.


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