Physical Therapy

So today was my first day of physical therapy for my right knee.  I did stretching exercises and had a electric knee massage.  SO it wasn’t too stressful or painful today.  We will see how it goes over the course of the therapy.

My therapist is mulling whether or not to help me with my story.  She called to get an idea of what I was looking for and said she would think about it.  I haven’t heard from Gretchen Rubin and don’t think I will.  But it was an effort that may pay off if her people get around to forwarding the email.  I’m glad I made the effort to reach out to her.  We will see.

I’ ve reworked my final essay and will likely turn it in soon.  I think it is much better than the original even though it doesn’t do what the original did.  But it will fit into the overall scheme of the thesis, I think.  This class has really shown me what I need to work on in my thesis, and it’s going to be scary.  But the end result is always the end result–to tell my story to help people.  I need to keep that in mind.




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