I’m listening to my oldest unpack her stuff from college.  She has to go back tomorrow to finish her exams but she took out a day to come home, unpack, and spend the night with us before she has to go back up.

I’m done with school until June 1–I ordered my textbooks yesterday and saw what we will be studying by reading up on the  plays in Wikipedia.  I think it’s going to be interesting if a bit leftist.   A lot of agitprop plays on leftist ideas, that sort of thing.  We’ll study Eugene O’Neill, Thornton Wilder, TN Williams, and others.

I hope to start on my essay on joy today for Creative Nonfiction Magazine.  I hope what I’ve got in mind works for them.  We will see.

Rachel has awards night tonight–I wonder what she will get.  Her grades aren’t good enough for the all  A’s honor roll.  But we will see tonight.

I’m feeling okay today. I slept in and that was nice.  I can’t do it on the days I have physical therapy and so I will be up tomorrow  Not very energetic but enough that I m getting some things done.

Hope everyone has a good week!



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