Memory Lane

I just got off the phone after leaving a message for a guy I knew back in high school.  If he hadn’t said his name during the message, I wouldn’t have known who it was.  I’d’ve thought I had a wrong number. He sounds so different.

I’m planning to talk to him about high school.  It’s to add somewhat to my memoir for grad school–get a different opinion on what I remember.  I don’t know if he will want to do that or not.  I plan on introducing he idea to him and seeing where the conversation goes from there.  We will see.

I’m still stuck in the 80’s with my music–I’ve been listening to the same set of five CD’s for about a week now and enjoying it the whole time.  I thought it would be a good background noise for the conversation :).

I’m a little nervous doing this talk.  He’s not the only one I plan on talking to but I;m limited.  I only want to talk to those I considered my friends in school, and I’m no t really in touch with very many of them, not that there were that many I really considered friends.   So I have a limited pool to draw from.  WE will see how it goes.




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