Even Busier

I ran around a lot today.  Went to PT, then lunch with a friend, then to get my middle one out of school for the year.  Helped my oldest unpack her car when she got home from school for the year and then helped her repack to go to Scotland on Monday. Then took the youngest to dance and came home.  SO I’m finally able to type.  I turned my story in to the magazine this morning and  really feel good about it.  It’ll be months before I hear back on it.  We will see.

Very tired after all this business. Wish I could rest tomorrow but the oldest has some last minute shopping to do for the oldest to get ready for her trip.  SHe’ll be gone a month.  I hope it’s everything she’s wishing for.  SHe’s been working towards this for two years and I just want it to go well for her.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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