Friends II

Saw my MFA friend Katrina today for lunch.  We talked about the past semester and what all we had taken in class and what all we did.  It was fun. She said it just about killed her to take four classes with the workload. So I know I’m doing the right thing by going slowly. But we had a good time comparing notes and talking about different projects we had worked on throughout the semester.

Tomorrow is my last day to lunch with somebody for a while–I’ll get my hair done then eat out with my friend Holly. Then summer starts and I’ll need to be at home more.  We will see how that all goes. I am looking forward to this summer–I think we have a lot of good activities planned and will enjoy ourselves.

I’ ve been in a good mood state lately–I think it’s getting good sleep and less stress now that my school is out.  I’m enjoying school but am enjoying the short break I have as well.  I have all the books for 20th Century Drama so I am looking forward to digging into them during the next semester.  There are five of us in class so I think it will go well–everyone I’ve been in class with before so it will be nice to see them again.

 Hope everyone has a good ending to their week!


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