Friends III

Ate out with Holly today and had a good talk. Her new marriage is going well and I am so thankful to hear that.  We also decided we’re going to start moving my hair color to a reddish brown instead of the heavy dark brown it is right now.  I saw a girl in the shop with the exact hair color I have been thinking about for years, and pointed her out to Holly and asked if my hair would do that.  SHe said she would change the formulation of  my color and we’d work up to it gradually.  SO I will be having a change and see how I like it.

Getting ready for the dance recital tomorrow night.  Tonight is the rehearsal so we will be going to that.  The girls both rehearse at about the same time this year, so we will all go out to eat tonight and go to the rehearsal.  Hopefully it will be a little more bearable for me to have Bob there; I’ll have him to talk to and hang out with.

I’m so glad for both my old and new friends.  We have good times when we get together and just talk and eat.   Going to hold off on it during the summer since I’ll be running around with the kids so much.  But we will see how it goes.  I start class June 1 and am looking forward to that.  I just feel so hopeful about life in general this summer.  I’m glad of that.




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