We’ve been having someone paint the interior of our house this week–they finished the kitchen and the dining room today, so they’ll do the half-bath and laundry room tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to finishing it.  Hopefully we won’t paint again until all the girls have moved out.

So sleepy.  I’ ve stayed off the caffeine so that is good.  BUt I am sleepy today.  But it could be the paint fumes.  We’ve got an air filter running trying to get them out of the house.

I’m still typing on my project.  I have only fourteen more articles to do.  SO I am on the downslope of finishing it.  I’m looking forward to being done.  WOrking on a food book is making me hungry all the time.

Hope everyone has a good day.  I am getting ready to wind down.  I really am sleepy.


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