Stateside Arrived

So my oldest is safely home and asleep.  We spent a long time talking last night so I didn’t get to post.  But she had an good flight and got home with lots of wonderful memories and keepsakes.

I stayed up late last night–I got inspired to go ahead and do my paper due Sunday so I did.  I still have to do my work cited page but that won’t be hard.  I did it on Biblical allusions in the one of the plays we were assigned.  So that was fun last night.

Now it’s down to the stretch trying to finish my project for the food memoir before we leave.  I burned myself out on it and haven’t typed hardly at all on it this week.  I only have less than ten more to type in to be able to send it off so I want to do it and at least try it in this contest.  SO I still have some work ahead of me on that.  ANd I still don’t have a firm title.  “Confessions of a Southern Cook” is still sounding the best,  so Imay jus tgo with that as a working title and see what they think.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



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