Way Busy

Yesterday was complicated all over again. Culminated in me backing into a lady as I dropped the youngest one off at dance.  So that was fun–she had a brand-new car and I dented it.  She was nice enough about it.  So we got the cops out there and the whole catastrophe.

Getting ready for the trip and trying to get everybody’s laundry done. ALmost done with that. Done almost all my classwork for before I leave–I have one more assignment but it not going to be ready until tomorrow for me to respond to.  So.

For my project, I’ve got three more articles to type in and then I have to edit it and make sure the MSS is clean.  I’m so looking forward to finishing.  Then I will send it off and see what comes of it.

Another hectic day is ahead of me so I will quit for now,  Hope everyone has  a good rest of the week!


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