Preparing to Go

We’re getting everything together to leave tomorrow morning for Disney World.  ALl I really have to do is get some medicine filled before I go and make sure we have all our meds and other things.  We bought most of our supplies and have our suitcases packed.  The really big thing left is picking up the rental car at lunch–Bob and my oldest are taking care of that.  I hate packing because I always feel like I’m going to forget something important.  But I think we have it all together this time. The kids are washing the last of the dishes and we’re going to eat out the rest of the day :).

I’m really happy with how I am feeling thus far this summer.  I’ve largely stayed awake during the days and I haven’t been using caffeine to do it–I’ve just been  able to function better than usual. I’ve stayed up with my class and am accomplishing good things in it.  I hate that Bob doesn’t feel comfortable with me leaving this fall and having to cancel that, but I understand his feelings.  Maybe if I have a good spring I can sign up for the spring one. We will see.

Hope everyone enjoys their independence day!




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