Poem Published

So my little published poem went live today.  It’s called “Crazy Days” and it kind of shows how mania feels to me.  Swing by gordianreview.org and take a look at it through the table of contents links.  I’m so proud.

I got surprised–I thought my second paper wasn’t due until July 17th–turns out I have a paper due before that on July 10th and one due on July 17th.  So that was a bit of a shock and I’ve had to get to work on that.  But it shouldn’t be a problem.  I had my thesis and ideas laid out in my head–it’s just a case of putting them on paper.

I don’t know what to do about my weight.  I gained on vacation and didn’t have trouble out of my foot walking any but did out of my knee even with the painkillers.  I need to amk time to go to the health club and ride a bicycle machine since that is low/no impact, but I don’t know how consistently I can do that.  But I can’t just keep letting it creep up like this.

I’m having trouble getting back in the groove of everything after vacation.  I’m sleepy and don’t really want to do anything productive.  But productive I have to be, so there it is.

Hope everyone has a good Friday and weekend this time.  Thanks for reading?



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