Alone Time Again

Bob and I are going to have some alone time this weekend–the younger two are at their grandparents’ for the weekend and the oldest is going to go visit her college friends tomorrow.  Hopefully we can make the time as meaningful as last time we had off.

I’m working at catch up–I took the youngest one to the eye doctor today and then went and had lunch with Mary Jane, my friend for forever.  Now I have to finish my paper and all of that.

I sent off to an insane contest this week.  Top prize is $10,000 for the top poem.

Yes, you read that right.  TEN GRAND.  Amazing. So I entered. We will see.

Waiting on the lumber to hopefully show up and fix our shower this afternoon.  Otherwiwe I have my papers due and more reading to work through.

I am working on a post ni my head about a new word I have learned for mental illness.  I hope to post it Monday.  SO stay tuned!






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