My post on the term Neurodivergence is making a few ripples around the internet fishpond.  Thanks for the tweets and retweets thus far.  I talked to my therapist about it today and she had never heard it.  So we had a conversation about it.  She agreed with me that the ant-cure component of their platform sounded dangerous.

I need to write my paper tomorrow and Thursday.  Not sure how it’s going to come off, but I am thinking on it in my head for a bit before writing it down.  Hopefully that will help.

Yesterday was horrid.  I got rear-ended in my car , the microwave tried to catch on fire, etc. etc.   I was so glad to go to bed and have the day over with.  Today was  much better.  So I was glad of that.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I’m going to try to.



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