SO I’ve survived another year–we had our last competition this weekend until January of next year.  The girls did well, earning highest honors in one dance and 2nd highest for all the others.  The classes were good as well–one I actually enjoyed watching was musical theater–it did a scene from a musical about a newspaper reporter in New York.  It was funny to watch him teach it and the girls learn it.

But I am so very tired today from the trip.  I slept in despite my best intentions. But I’ve done grocery shopping and laundry so don’t feel too bad about being a little lazy this morning.  We’re not quite off the merry-go-round yet–the little one leaves Saturday for church camp and will be gone until Wednesday.  And the middle one has already started band camp for next year.  So there’s some overlap in activities.  But we do have one week that is clear before school starts and I’m hoping everything will go well.

I did fairly well during the competition but was really jumpy and antsy during the two days of classes.  I tried to read the whole time and did do two books but I spent a lot of time pacing around outside, too.  Very anxious. Even with Xanax.  But now I’m home and can rest up a bit.




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