Doubting Julie

That’s kind of how I feel this morning.  Not doubting God or doubting the person of Jesus, but doubting myself.  I read a very good book this weekend on doing God’s will, doing what only you can do for God and for others.  It was called God is Always Hiring by Regina Brett.  It really lit me up to write and to write what only I could write.

But I’m still fuzzy on  the details.  DOes that mean I should only write about bipolar disorder and not try to do fiction any more?  I want whatever I write to be God-honoring, and I’m not sure my older fiction I’ve been trying to place is that.  That doubt is what triggered my anxiety Monday, then I got three rejections  Tuesday and  Wednesday.  I’m okay with them, even though they were major projects that were rejected.  So what do I do now, God? I guess is my question.

SO pray for me as I continue to seek direction.

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