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Getting Ready

Heading out to another dance competition this weekend.  I’ll take a hiatus from the blog until Monday–not very long.  I’m not as prepared to go on this trip as I as the Disney trip, so I’m caught today doing some extra running around to get everything done.  I wrote my paper for my class finishing it this morning.  I think it’s a bit of a mess, but I felt I did the best I could considering what I was dealing with.

Things really get cranking next week.  THe middle one starts band camp on Monday, while three weeks from now they both start school,  I’m done with the summer term the fifth and then start back the fall term on the 20th, somewhere in there.  I;m looking forward to it. A new class.




My post on the term Neurodivergence is making a few ripples around the internet fishpond.  Thanks for the tweets and retweets thus far.  I talked to my therapist about it today and she had never heard it.  So we had a conversation about it.  She agreed with me that the ant-cure component of their platform sounded dangerous.

I need to write my paper tomorrow and Thursday.  Not sure how it’s going to come off, but I am thinking on it in my head for a bit before writing it down.  Hopefully that will help.

Yesterday was horrid.  I got rear-ended in my car , the microwave tried to catch on fire, etc. etc.   I was so glad to go to bed and have the day over with.  Today was  much better.  So I was glad of that.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I’m going to try to.




I learned a new word about a month ago: neurodivergent.

Some of you may have heard it before and know what it means.  For those who don’t the following  is from Wikipedia:  “This portmanteau of neurological and divergent originated in the late 1990’s as a challenge to prevailing views of neurological diversity as inherently pathological, instead asserting that neurological differences should be recognized and respected as a social category on par with gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability status.”

In other words, I’m no longer mentally ill.  I’m neurodivergent instead.

The article goes on to note that the term is controversial, with two opinions basically shaping the debate–one side that believes that bipolar disorder, autism, etc. are mental diseases that should be treated as such, and another that believes that people with these conditions are merely variations of normal human behavior and should be protected from those who would force them to behave differently or “conform to a clinical ideal”. There is even a part of their platform that actively advocates what is called an anti-cure perspective.

In other words, accept them, accommodate them, but don’t cure them.

I can’t think of a position more damaging to the mentally ill than this one.  Don’t work for a cure?  What kind of talk is this?

I’ll say this much for the record as far as I can tell.  I have been manic.  I have been depressed.  I have on occasion been normal without psychotropic medications. I will take normal any day of the week over manic, mixed, depressed or any other variation. I don’t need the PC police coming along and telling me I’m normal when I’m not and that I should simply learn to embrace my differentness.   I cannot do so.  I  will not do so. I will fight bipolar disorder with every tool in my arsenal, including medication in whatever form they give it to me.  I will be educated about my disorder and will fight for my rights as a patient to have my disorder treated on a par with heart disease and diabetes.  I feel this “neurodivergent  ” viewpoint I just as damaging as criminalizing mental illness.  It’s too much of a pendulum swing.

After decades of fighting to get a treatment model instead of a punishment model, along comes what is essentially a license to ignore the needs of the mentally ill once again, this time by normalizing their behavior.  I’m sorry.  This movement is wrongheaded and damaging, no matter how well-intentioned they are.


Alone Time Again

Bob and I are going to have some alone time this weekend–the younger two are at their grandparents’ for the weekend and the oldest is going to go visit her college friends tomorrow.  Hopefully we can make the time as meaningful as last time we had off.

I’m working at catch up–I took the youngest one to the eye doctor today and then went and had lunch with Mary Jane, my friend for forever.  Now I have to finish my paper and all of that.

I sent off to an insane contest this week.  Top prize is $10,000 for the top poem.

Yes, you read that right.  TEN GRAND.  Amazing. So I entered. We will see.

Waiting on the lumber to hopefully show up and fix our shower this afternoon.  Otherwiwe I have my papers due and more reading to work through.

I am working on a post ni my head about a new word I have learned for mental illness.  I hope to post it Monday.  SO stay tuned!





Poem Published

So my little published poem went live today.  It’s called “Crazy Days” and it kind of shows how mania feels to me.  Swing by and take a look at it through the table of contents links.  I’m so proud.

I got surprised–I thought my second paper wasn’t due until July 17th–turns out I have a paper due before that on July 10th and one due on July 17th.  So that was a bit of a shock and I’ve had to get to work on that.  But it shouldn’t be a problem.  I had my thesis and ideas laid out in my head–it’s just a case of putting them on paper.

I don’t know what to do about my weight.  I gained on vacation and didn’t have trouble out of my foot walking any but did out of my knee even with the painkillers.  I need to amk time to go to the health club and ride a bicycle machine since that is low/no impact, but I don’t know how consistently I can do that.  But I can’t just keep letting it creep up like this.

I’m having trouble getting back in the groove of everything after vacation.  I’m sleepy and don’t really want to do anything productive.  But productive I have to be, so there it is.

Hope everyone has a good Friday and weekend this time.  Thanks for reading?


Cleaning Up

So today has been laundry all day.  Trying to get everyone’s clothes clean from a nine day trip is harder than it looks. Tiring and hard.

I finally finished  Ntozake Shange’s book for my class. I read it once in school for a Black Lit class I took then and did not for the life of me remember anything about it but the title.  I read it this time and understood more of it. So that is a help.  Now I have to read an article to go with it and write about it for my professor.  Wish me luck.

Bob made the comment that after another night’s sleep he might be finally rested up from his vacation.  I kind of feel that way, too.  Disney World might be fun, but it is not relaxing.  I am so tired.



Back From Vacation

So Disney World was fun, fun, fun.  I only got furious one time and it was at my husband.  WE were in MouseGear at Epcot and he insisted that it couldn’t be raining that hard and if it was, then it wouldn’t stop in time for us to get to our dinner reservations in the Japan area of the World Showcase.  He was wrong on both counts, and I had told him so before we stepped foot out in it.  So that part was not fun. The dance was also difficult in that it gave both kids blisters that hurt them for the res of he trip.

But otherwise it was great particularly our last day when we saw a STOMP-style group called The Jammitors dressed as park cleaners playing garbage cans as drums.  I thought our middle child was going to go bonkers with joy.  She got to play their set after their performance and talk with them. So that was fun also.

So we got back yesterday and have been doing laundry ever since.  The oldest has checked on her job now that she’s home for good for the summer.  They said they would call her if they could use her to sub for other teachers at the daycare.  SO that was good news.  WE go next weekend to Dance Teachers United for our last competition.  So that is a good thing upcoming as well.  WE’ll have about a month or so off from dance practice, etc. and we will enjoy that.

So all is good on multiple fronts so far this summer.  WE will see how the rest of it goes.