Long Day

My parents came down to visit today.  It has not gone well.  I get along fine with my parents, but I understand them.  My dad thinks my oldest daughter is too loud and opinionated,  They both like my middle daughter, but she had things she had to do today and so could not sit around and talk.  My youngest child spent her time entertaining my even younger niece, who came down with them. We met my husband for lunch, and my dad and my husband don’t get along well either. And my mom has a habit of picking away at things–the tea was too sweet at the restaurant, my kitchen walls were green instead of yellow, etc.

So it is been a bit of a difficult day.  I have a class conference at 1:30 p.m., my oldest goes to work at 2 and my middle one goes to band practice at 3 p.m.  So we were all busy this afternoon except my youngest, who went  with my parents to one of the museums in town. Anyway.

School is winding down for me–I have one more paper to do by Friday and I have lined out what I plan to do with it–I just need to write it all out.

Let me see if I can get into my conference.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.



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