Did a lot of running around otday.  We went to school to pick up my youngest one’s schedule and meet all her teachers at middle school, so that was fun.  THen we went and bought school supplies, and I went and got my hair cut and colored,  We’re trying out a new color to turn it reddish-brown and se how I like that :).  Then I came home and ate lunch and rested for a bit until they called and said my car was ready at the body shop.  So I had to turn in my rental nd go out there and get it.

But my youngest sat down and labeled all her school supplies and packed them up for Monday so she should be prepared to school.  WE got into s horrible argument about clothes that the two older ones decided to jump in on.  SO I lost my temper completely. It was a mess.  But I am going to my therapist Monday and see what we can talk about with all of this.    I hate living like this.


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