Kids Started School

So two of my kids started school today–my senior and my sixth grader.  My sixth grader’s bus didn’t show up until almost 8:30 am and school starts at 15 until.  So I took her in myself.  God alone knows when she’ll get home this afternoon.  I know it’s a new school year and it’s a new superintendent and new administrations at all the schools, but that is absolutely ridiculous for a bus to be at my house 45 minutes after school starts.   At least I think so.   l

Went to see Tillie again at Bob’s insistence. I wish I could have just said to him, “You know, I have this last paper due and then I will be okay.”  But if I even hint that school is giving me any stress, he’ll ask me to drop out.  I KNOW he will.  My therapist even said it before I did.   I think I am going to ask him to get some therapy himself–find somebody he can talk to about how he feels living with me who can reassure him.  Beg if I have to.  WE can’t keep going in this feedback loop of me feeling like I have to live like I:m out on bail and can’t have normal feelings without him freaking out and making it more than it is.  Sigh.




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