School III

So my youngest one was finally picked up at a reasonable hour this morning.  THis afternoon’s going to be hectic because I have to take and go to Jackson for my middle one to get her allergy shot.  So I am not looking forward to that.  Rachel enjoyed her first day of band so that was good.

Bob is sick today.  Our church is being renovated and he cannot go without  feeling bad after he leaves.  They’ve ruled out pneumonia in his chest so he is taking steroids to try to make it where he doesn’t hurt to breathe.  In practical terms, it means he can’t go back to services until they’re finished with the work–which could be another couple of months.  I feel so bad for him.

I haven’t had to take Xanax the past few days. I guess my class really was stressing me out.  But I have until the 25th before we start again.  Hopefully I can stay calm and just have good days from here on out    I did get back in bed and sleep in after the bus came by and slept for another couple of hours.   But I feel fine now.  Got laundry done already and have the rest of the day to do what I want, I suppose.




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