Getting Better

Bob has managed to stay at work all day today, so we are counting that as progress ( or stubbornness–with him it’s sometimes hard to tell).  I have been sleepy today but I haven’t had any caffeine so I imagine that’s why.  ALl the kids had a good week at school so far as far as I c an tell.

My anxiety symptoms seem to have calmed down–I haven’t had Xanax today and have felt calmer than usual. I am impatient to start school myself, but I have about two weeks before that gets going again.  But I am looking foward to it.

I’m still having existential problems with figuring out what I”m supposed to be doing with my writing right now.  I want to do new stuff, but I don’t know what.  I want to revise   on some of what I have done already and feel very intimidated about doing that.  So I have this betwixt-and-between feeling that is very uncomfortable.  I like having a sense of mission and that is currently missing from my work.



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