Much Better

I feel much more positive this morning than I did last week.  Maybe I finally got enough sleep.  I feel calmer and happier.  Bob is feeling better so I’m sure that is improving my mental state.

One more week before my oldest heads out to college.  Junior year.  So amazing.  I’m excited for her in that she is going to really start digging into her major this year and  find out if it’s what she really wants to do.  She sounds positive about it and always has.  Her sister is going to another college visit the day after Labor Day, so  that will be interesting.  I just hope she makes the best decision for herself.  SHe’s going to try the ACT one more time before scholarships are due and see how that turns out for her. I think it’s silly, but she said the engineering people said she needs to make at least a 34 for qualify for some of the better scholarships.  SO she needs one more point.  We wiil see,

I’ve written just a little bit this weekend, mostly about my childhood. About having a big family all close by and how we made it together, that sort of thing.  I’m not sure what I’m doing except it will likely land in my memoir in some fashion.  But at least something is coming out finally.





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