Really Good Things

I wrote a little more last night on a fragment that may become a Baton Rouge flood story.  I’m just feeling my way along trying not to plan it but to let it happen in the moment.

I’m awake this morning. I got a coke yesterday afternoon and saved it until this morning.  So maybe I can accomplish more in the day.  Looking forward to going to the MS Book Festival tomorrow with two friends–over 100 authors doing panels, signing books, and doing book related things.  It’s really going to be cool.

I just feel really up this morning. It’s a nice change from where I have been, so tired and sleepy.  I don’t think people realize how draining mental illness is.  You have to constantly monitor yourself for breakout symptoms and you can’t ever get away from it–it’s inside your head.

I went for a change this morning–I’m listening to Duran Duran and will see where that vibe takes me in my writing.  WE will see.

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