Went to lunch with Jo today and overate.  But we had fun talking and catching up on each other’s lives.  Her more than me–she is always busy doing something and with me, not much changes.  But we have good rapport and talked for a while about various and sundry.

Checked my classes and we already have a reading assignment due Sunday.  I read the essay and will likely complete the assignment tomorrow while the kids are at school.  I am too fat and sleepy to do it right now.

I feel too fat and sleepy to do much of anything right now. I wish I could get more energy to do things.  I know my doctor doesn’t like when I’m too energized, but not being able to do even simple things is a huge drag.  It makes me feel weak and incapable.  Evne typing this right now is taking a huge amount of effort.  Even though I’m not saying very much.  I hope this is not a precursor to where this time period is heading.



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