I was way into the day yesterday before someone posted on facebook about it being the Hurricane Katrina  anniversary.  I was very glad I had forgotten it and was able to have a good day regardless.  (Check the archives to see how deeply the hurricane affected me when it happened).

I wrote another little bit related to my “Trade-In” piece.  I don’t know if it is growing into something bigger or what.  I don’t know if I want it to or not.  I’m comfortable right now doing short little pieces and don’t know if I need to think about doing something longer.   I’m feeling my way along without a map right now, and that feels right somehow.  WE will see.

I see my psychiatrist Thursday and my therapist next Tuesday. I am going to see if I can talk Dr. Bishop into giving me a larger dose of Abilify and see if that helps get me back into remission.  It’s worth a  try right now,  I think.  Anything is worth a try to try to get better.


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