Long Day

I had on off day today.  I feel like I accomplished precisely nothing.  I didn’t do any kind of writing and only came here tonight out of a sense of duty to all ten of my readers.  To say something, anything encouraging.  And here it is–God willing, tomorrow is another day.

I can finish tomorrow what I didn’t today. I have done nothing that can’t be undone.  Unless God decides to take me home tonight, I will live to continue one more day.  That thought gives me hope tonight.  Even though I was so sleepy today, I got to school to pick up my child and went to the doctor’s   office for my other child to make sure she got her allergy shots okay.  I went to church tonight and heard an inspiring message that I am the better for having sat through.   I can be an example to my family and friends of someone who can pick herself up again and get things done.

So that is my message tonight.  Get up tomorrow and do the next possible thing.



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