I just found out one of the new girls in my MFA program is also bipolar.  She and I have been talking about various things today, sharing our stories.  SHe’s very open about it, like I am.  She’s doing a stage performance of a piece she wrote about it coming up soon in Oklahoma City, which is where she lives now.   So proud of people  standing up and talking about such an issue.

Otherwise, today has been pretty dead.  I have my interview with my buddy up in Madison WI for a class project I am doing tomorrow.  I hope  I don’t forget about it–but we have a plan in place if I do.  I have to interview someone in a Q&A format a la The Paris Review.   So I am going to interview him about becoming a Holocaust scholar.  I think it will be interesting.

I still don’t feel my best, but I am improving.  Thanks be to God.



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