Lunch Out

Met my friend Marlo today.  WE met at Drago’s in Jackson and had the best time just talking shop.  WE talked about our current projects and had just a good time exchanging news about everything.

I hope I can keep up the momentum of the blog for another year.  I’ve been doing it now two years and I’m not positive I’m accomplishing what I wanted to when I started it.    I want to get to 10,000 views and 5,000 visitors then start trying to market it and the book that goes with it.  I’m hoping another year will get me to that goal.  I’m discovering that I want ot write about more than just bipolar disorder now that my fiction has opened up and started flowing.  Maybe I just need time off from being so verbal about it.

I’ve gotten a lot of the book published elsewhere like on the group I guest blog for, Defying Shadows, so I think that may help in selling it as well.  I’m really hoping to get the lead story (Running Away From Home) published with a big print journal so I can show more than just at the other blog and my own blog.

For those wondering, I am still symptomatic in being sleepy most of the day (although that could be medication) and some breakthrough obsessions, but things are much better than they were even a few weeks ago.  I think adjusting the Abilify up had helped a great deal.


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