So now I am signed up to chaperone a school trip to Atlanta next year.  I hate this.  Bob talked me into it by talking about how his mother wanted to go because she had done this same trip with the other two girls.  But she didn’t want to interfere if I was going to go.  And she can’t handle the walking they’re going to be doing–her knee is too weak.  So now I have to go.   He asked me later if I felt bullied into going and I said pressured was a better word.  So at least he’s aware of what he’s done. He’d BETTER not complain when I go to the full residency this spring for school.

Went to lunch with Mary Jane and she came down my way this time.  We ate at Friends and she loved it.  Afterwards we went to a couple of the shops downtown–a used bookstore and a consignment shop.  We jut had a good time talking about her trips and about my  writing.  We always have a good time when we get together.

I feel good today.  We don’t have to do so much running around–the middle one is skipping her allergy shot since she has a sinus infection so that will make this afternoon easier.  I have laundry to do later but that will be fine as well.  My response to the weeks reading is going over  well, so I feel good about what I was able to accomplish with that.


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