SO I slept in this morning before going to therapy.  I just didn’t want to do anything at all.  But I did have a good session.  I talked about how angry Bob had made me so she had me map out a way to talk to him about it that wasn’t accusing him of anything, just asking for his reasoning. So I called him from leaving therapy and asked if he could wait for me to get home and us to talk before he went back to work from  Iunch,. So we did.

I got him to say that if I went on the Atlanta trip and didn’t have problems that I could go to Columbus for school .  But he also said that if by February I wasn’t doing a lot better, he wouldn’t make me go on the Atlanta trip.  SO we will just pray that I keep improving  and know that there is a plan in case something goes wrong.

I have an appointment with the adult Sunday School pastor and a counselor about setting up a LifeGroup for  women dealing with mental illness on Tuesday.  SO we will see how that goes.


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