I Guess I’ll Just Admit It

I seem to be in a depressive state.  I’m sleeping a lot and not being very productive the time that I’m awake. I did find out something amazing this week–I googled myself and saw where the W has put up how often  the MFA students are publishing and I was the most published in the past year –right up there with the very successful playwright in Chicago who is always reporting new successes.  So I suppose I need to stop griping about being rejected.  But I do need some new news in that department soon–I’ve got some high hopes out there but will have to just wait and see.

I don’t feel depressed and I certainly don’t have anything to really be depressed about. Maybe I’m starting a new pattern of drooping in the fall.  It would certainly fit in with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  But we will see.

I’m going to talk to the LifeGroup Pastor at church this afternoon exploring more the idea of having a LifeGroup  for people with mood disorders.  I think we need to limit to that since that is all that I have experience with. But I’m sincerely hoping that this can come to pass so that I really will be using my condition to bring people to GOd and to minister to them the way I’d like to be ministered to.   So that is another”we will see” proposition.



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