So my talk went well yesterday.  It wasn’t so much about me running a LifeGroup as it was my helping write curriculum for classes at the church.  SO that sounded good as well.  We had a bit of a talk about my spiritual life and my growth and some of my challenges.  ALl in all I think  it went well.  WE will see what happens.

I’m still tired today but  as bad as before. I got BOb’s and my youngest one’s laundry done today so that was good.  Now I’m just waiting to pick her up at school and go to get the middle one’s allergy shot.  Hoping that will go off without a hitch as well.

Like I said yesterday, I seem to be in a depressive state without anything to be depressed about.  Life is running pretty smoothly.  I’m hoping that I snap out of it soon, though. Bob’s dad is complaining about back pain.  That was how they found the cancer that killed his mother several years ago is that hers had eaten its way through her backbone.  He can’t not remember that.  He’s already had it eat through his shoulder so he must be thinking about that as a possibility. I know Bob is.  I’m really scared we’ll lose him soon and that will be so sad.



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