I just realized that with my middle one having a doctor appointment at 2 p.m. in Jackson, I don’t know if I’ll get home in time to catch the y9ungest one off the bus. SO I will need to check her out early then check out the middle one and take them both to the doctor.  Joy.

So I did tutoring this morning.  That went well.  We talked about the reading assignment and about how to write her next paper.     So we will see how she does.  I have stayed busy afterwards checking everything on the computer and doing what all I need to do.

I need to swap laundry around when I get home and get to the grocery store as well. Hopefully I can get to that before I have to get everyone picked up for the appointment.

I’m glad it’s kind of a runaround day.  I’ve been sitting alone on the house for too long. I need to get out more often but don’t know  how to arrange all that.  I don’t want to just be going 9ut to eat all the time.

But I will get it all done.  I’m certain of that,



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