Slowly grinding away at my book review.  I seem to have a very short attention span for it today. I do a paragraph and then turn it off and do something else. I did sleep in today but I have done other things and seem to be awake for good now.  So that is a plus.

I seem to have finally become immune to caffeine.  I drank a big bottle of Coke this morning and still went back to bed after everybody left.  So I guess that ‘s not helping me any more.  My mood is better than it was a few days ago, so that is an improvement.  I don’t feel as hopeless as I did just Tuesday.

Slowly, slowly progressing along it seems like.  I’ve seen some people, bloggers, other writers, able to wax so poetic about their depressions.  I’m not like that, it seems.  Maybe it’s because I’m not really a poetic type, although I have published a little poetry.  But nothing about depression brings out poetry in me. I just get lower and lower until I can hardly write at all.



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