Counseling Overload

Wow.  Not only did I have counseling twice today (once with my therapist and once with a church therapist) I have homework from both of them.  Plus my homework for my class.  So I will  be writing quite a bit in the next few days.  But that’s all good.  The better to take my mind off of my rejections 🙂

I’ve stayed out of bed today. Stayed busy for most of it as well.  I’m just now writing this because I wanted to get my counseling out of the way. My regular counselor wants me to write a companion letter to my letter to my younger self; a letter where that younger self addresses the person I have become.  I think once I do I will send them to my guest blog editor and see if she wants to publish them in some form.

The church counselor I am seeing wants me to develop a scripture notebook where I address the feelings that bring me low by finding verses on their “Holy Spirit opposites”.  Like for rejection feelings, I find verses that speak to acceptance.  Etc.  I think that will be a good exercise in and of itself just to keep those kinds of feelings at the forefront of my mind instead of just all the old shame messages I’ve generated over the years..



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