Publication Again!

Well, I though I wasn’t going to hear anything on this one, but The New Southerner has selected me as a finalist for nonfiction this year with a piece titled “Joy”.  You may remember that I interviewed Alexandra Stoddard for this piece and had hoped to place it in Creative Nonfiction, but that didn’t work out.  SO I sent it to The New Southerner instead, and they will publish it in December, just like they did my fiction piece last year.  So I am excited about that.

Talked with my professor about my nonfiction project for the semester final and I am going to do my piece on my jaunt to Louisiana and  tell the whole truth about it for my first chapter in my thesis.  This is going to be hard admitting every single thing that was going on in my mind at the time, but it needs to be told to keep someone else from doing the exact same thing one day.  What I’ve written so far about it is the truth as far as it goes–I’ve just held back a little bit of information that needs to be in there.  SO that is what I will do.


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