Election Day

So today we voted.  My husband voted around 10 while I voted at 9:30.  That’s about the most substantive thing we’ve done today.  The middle child is still very sick–she’s only moved from her bedroom to the couch and has shown not much signs of life there.  She’s sleeping all day which does not seem to be a function of her medication–she just says she’s tired.  I’m still very scared all the tests were wrong yesterday and that she has mono.

WE have piano tonight so supper will be rushed.  Then tomorrow, no matter what the election says, we will be at my uncle’s funeral in the morning.  Mom seems to be handling it okay–so I am glad of that.

I have had a hard time being focused today.  I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done but I’ve done a lot of pacing today. I did manage to do a guest blog post and turn it in this afternoon.  Just now actually. But at least it is done.  I had already done an interview for it and just needed to format it and put it into my own words.


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