Well. . .

My middle child has a ‘viral flu-like illness” but should be better by MOnday.  Otherwise it’s been a slow day.  We are just hanging out. She has been a little more active today, watching TV instead of sleeping all the time. So we will see.\

I have an assignment to turn in for class and will likely submit it tomorrow.  WE only have a few weeks left in the term as I need to be working on my big nonfiction project as well.  It won’t be too hard, I don’t think.  Just revising something over to where it’s more honest and actually scary for me to write.  I’ve never set this part down on paper before.

So very tired myself. I slept a bit before Bob came in for lunch.  SO I feel better now.  I had a yucky night with reflux–I ate fried chicken and had some trouble with it.  At least that’s what I think caused it.

I don’t feel depressed like I did a few weeks ago.  I’m accomplishing things and staying somewhat busy, so I feel better about life than I did a while back. I’m looking at the future more positively.  THis year has just flown by.  WE will see what is in store for us later and be prepared for it.  I feel ready.


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