So. . .

I got the middle one well and now the youngest has a stomach ache and fever.  So we are going back to the doctor this morning.

WE had kind of an eventful weekend–my oldest was home for a spiritual retreat at the local Methodist church and I went to their closing ceremony yesterday.  She said it went well for her except for a bit of anxiety. I hope she’s  not developing that on top of her depression.

As for myself, I have felt good this weekend, good enough that I volunteered to have the Sunday School Christmas party at my house.  It’s December the 11th. So I feel good about doing that and taking stress off the Sunday School teacher and his wife.  Her mother is quite ill and I didn’t want the party cancelled  because something went wrong with her.

We are doing other preparations for the holidays–we packed Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child again this year.  THe youngest really took the lead on this–we went shopping and she picked out all the items and packed the boxes herself.  So it was nice to hand that responsibility over to someone else.

I got back my travel piece and got full credit for it.  She said the beginning was weak, which is becoming a trend in her comments.  I don’t remember having this much trouble writing leads before.  BUt I guess it should be something I watch more closely.

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