I Don’t Think This Is Working. . .

I am waiting for my tutoring student who has not shown up yet.  She also has not emailed me her paper like she was supposed to..   I think I will need to talk to the mom and see what is going on.   i’m going to stay here for a while and then call and see if she is planning on coming,  Otherwise I will leave if I can’t reach her.

I don’t have anything else planned for today so we will see what happens.  I don’t want to spend the day in bed again.  I will probably do some laundry once I get home and see how that works.

We are try8ig to prepare for Thanksgiving and get our plans in place for that.  Let the kids stay busy and  us get ready to  travel.  I don’t know what all we’re going to wind up buying for Christmas for the girls.  We have a few plans in mind but not many,  We will just have to look around and see what we can find.  WE have some  presents bought but not nearly enough.

I feel pretty good this morning.  The only thing is that my black pants all disappeared on me today,  I couldn’t find the ones that I usually wear with the top.I wanted to wear.  SO I may go out shopping for some of those or I may just ask for some for Christmas.  I can’t decide.  If I don’t do any more tutoring, I won’t have a reason to dress up very often and can make it until Christmas with what I have.  Sigh.


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