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And Again. . .

Both kids are home today, the middle one with pinkeye and the youngest with tummy bug.  I feel like I am about to lose my mind with all this sickness right before Thanksgiving.   We’re going to upstate for Thanksgiving again and that will get Bob sick until about February.  So we will see how it all turns out.

I think I’m jumpy working on the Louisiana piece.  Taking me back into that misery I was in and all that.  But I’m through writing it, so that is good.  I can put it out of my mind until she grades it.  I needed Xanax today and that is the first time I have taken any in weeks.

I have a meeting at church with the counselor again tomorrow. I really need to do my homework for that tonight and  tomorrow.  Hopefully we can wrap up whatever was intended by these meetings and see how things go from there.

My memory is slippery today. I thought the kids had another week after this one until Thanksgiving holidays.  November has just flown by. At least we got a start on Christmas shopping last Saturday.  I got a lot of stuff for different people.  SO that was good.


So. . .

I got the middle one well and now the youngest has a stomach ache and fever.  So we are going back to the doctor this morning.

WE had kind of an eventful weekend–my oldest was home for a spiritual retreat at the local Methodist church and I went to their closing ceremony yesterday.  She said it went well for her except for a bit of anxiety. I hope she’s  not developing that on top of her depression.

As for myself, I have felt good this weekend, good enough that I volunteered to have the Sunday School Christmas party at my house.  It’s December the 11th. So I feel good about doing that and taking stress off the Sunday School teacher and his wife.  Her mother is quite ill and I didn’t want the party cancelled  because something went wrong with her.

We are doing other preparations for the holidays–we packed Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child again this year.  THe youngest really took the lead on this–we went shopping and she picked out all the items and packed the boxes herself.  So it was nice to hand that responsibility over to someone else.

I got back my travel piece and got full credit for it.  She said the beginning was weak, which is becoming a trend in her comments.  I don’t remember having this much trouble writing leads before.  BUt I guess it should be something I watch more closely.

Losing My Mom Card

I want to just resign my position as Mom.  My oldest daughter is going on a spiritual retreat this weekend and we were sent an email that we didn’t read all the way through. We were supposed to send encouraging letters and gifts to be handed out to her at certain points during the event.  We got her some letters sent off today by attaching them to an email.  So she won’t be totally left out.  But if I know some parents, they’ll go all out on the  gift area.  ANyway.  At least I found out.  Just want to get things done as best I can. But I still feel bad and behind the eight ball.


Well. . .

My middle child has a ‘viral flu-like illness” but should be better by MOnday.  Otherwise it’s been a slow day.  We are just hanging out. She has been a little more active today, watching TV instead of sleeping all the time. So we will see.\

I have an assignment to turn in for class and will likely submit it tomorrow.  WE only have a few weeks left in the term as I need to be working on my big nonfiction project as well.  It won’t be too hard, I don’t think.  Just revising something over to where it’s more honest and actually scary for me to write.  I’ve never set this part down on paper before.

So very tired myself. I slept a bit before Bob came in for lunch.  SO I feel better now.  I had a yucky night with reflux–I ate fried chicken and had some trouble with it.  At least that’s what I think caused it.

I don’t feel depressed like I did a few weeks ago.  I’m accomplishing things and staying somewhat busy, so I feel better about life than I did a while back. I’m looking at the future more positively.  THis year has just flown by.  WE will see what is in store for us later and be prepared for it.  I feel ready.


The Day After…

We will see how things turn out.

We buried my uncle today.  It was sad; Bob and I counteracted our sadness by listening to CD’s of  Jeff Foxworthy, a Southern comedian on the way up and back.  We were shocked at how apropos his comedy still is twenty years after he recorded one of his first albums  in Jackson, Mississippi.

It was weird seeing my cousins that I did not grow up with for the first time in twenty-five years.  We had a split in our family that took this particular branch of cousins away from us after the death of our grandmother in 1985.  It did eventually heal, but not until my cousins were grown and we were all out of our parents’ houses.   But they were polite to me and Bob and seemed to appreciate us coming to  the funeral.

My middle one is going back to the doctor tomorrow for a recheck to see what is causing her symptoms to persist.  Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.


Election Day

So today we voted.  My husband voted around 10 while I voted at 9:30.  That’s about the most substantive thing we’ve done today.  The middle child is still very sick–she’s only moved from her bedroom to the couch and has shown not much signs of life there.  She’s sleeping all day which does not seem to be a function of her medication–she just says she’s tired.  I’m still very scared all the tests were wrong yesterday and that she has mono.

WE have piano tonight so supper will be rushed.  Then tomorrow, no matter what the election says, we will be at my uncle’s funeral in the morning.  Mom seems to be handling it okay–so I am glad of that.

I have had a hard time being focused today.  I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done but I’ve done a lot of pacing today. I did manage to do a guest blog post and turn it in this afternoon.  Just now actually. But at least it is done.  I had already done an interview for it and just needed to format it and put it into my own words.


Weird Day

The middle one is presenting with symptoms of either strep throat, flu, or mononeucleosis but is testing negative for all of it.  SO they say she has tonsillitis and a bad cold and send her home.  I’m waiting for something more interesting to develop and have to go back to the doctor.

I am panicking over this travel piece.  I wish I could use one that I already have, but the assignment is to be a tourist in my home town.  SO I plan to talk about Brandon eateries, but we will see how it goes.

I’ve been tired all day.  I will see if I can do better tomorrow.  I got news yesterday that my mom’s last brother has died.  We will go to the funeral Wednesday.  I hope my middle one is good enough to go to school that day.  I’m not sure what we will do if she isn’t.

IT FINALLY RAINED.  WE have been terribly dry this fall, under a burn ban and everything else.  Of course. now I need to get my windshield wipers fixed.  Isn’t that just like life?


No Tutoring

So I get here, check my email, and find out my student is not coming. So I think I will just hang out here for a bit since I have the room reserved and write some.  Get a change in environment, etc.

DId some running around before I got here–signed my middle one out of school for Senior Day, got gas and breakfast, etc.  That’s why I missed the message since I left so early.  But that’s fine.  I’ll soon pack up and go grocery shopping while it’s still early.

I’m feeling pretty good today–took a while to wake up good but other than that I’ve done fine so far.   Maybe I can stay out of the bed once I get home.

Talked to an old friend last night about bipolar disorder.  She believes her mother is bipolar and wanted to talk somewhat about it.  I didn’t know much to say except to describe my experience.  She and I were in school together back in elementary on up  through senior year. Sometimes we were friends, sometimes we weren’t.  I wonder if we can be friends again now.  We will see.


Bob’s Sick

So today has been slow.  Bob is down with a stomach trouble–he was throwing up this morning and now just feels nauseated.  I’ve run some errands like getting him a Sprite to drink and picking up some medicine.  He’s watched TV all morning  and that’s not like him so I know he doesn’t feel well.  So pray for him to get better if you can.

I’m thinking on all the projects I have coming due–school, blog, etc. and trying to figure out what to do for all of them. It’s a nice  candy-store problem–so many writing things to choose from to do. Not sure what I’m going to work on first.

I’ve felt pretty good today–in fact most of this week. I did sleep in a bit this morning but not too long.  I feel like I could go back to sleep but that ‘s just because I am playing nature music and it always makes me just want to curl up in bed and relax. I’m beginning to think I’m coming out of the funk I was in earlier this month. I certainly hope so.



Publication Again!

Well, I though I wasn’t going to hear anything on this one, but The New Southerner has selected me as a finalist for nonfiction this year with a piece titled “Joy”.  You may remember that I interviewed Alexandra Stoddard for this piece and had hoped to place it in Creative Nonfiction, but that didn’t work out.  SO I sent it to The New Southerner instead, and they will publish it in December, just like they did my fiction piece last year.  So I am excited about that.

Talked with my professor about my nonfiction project for the semester final and I am going to do my piece on my jaunt to Louisiana and  tell the whole truth about it for my first chapter in my thesis.  This is going to be hard admitting every single thing that was going on in my mind at the time, but it needs to be told to keep someone else from doing the exact same thing one day.  What I’ve written so far about it is the truth as far as it goes–I’ve just held back a little bit of information that needs to be in there.  SO that is what I will do.