Feeling Better

than yesterday.  We went out and bought some necessities for my oldest and don’t plan to do much else today.  The younger ones don’t even want to change out of their pajamas so I think it’s going to be a slow day unless I can motivate them to do some work. At least leaving the house this morning I got a  Dr. Pepper and so don’t think I’ll go back to sleep like I did yesterday.  So that is improvement.

I need to write a bit on New Year’s Resolutions for my guest blog gig. I’ll probably work on that  later today. I’m just going to take the resolutions I made on my birthday and expand on them.

I do think I will start back at the health club and see if I can do water aerobics. I need something low-impact so I can lose the weight and not hurt my knees and foot further.  I’ll give them a call or go by and pick up a schedule.

I hate waiting for the new term to start.  THe W waits really really late to get going in January.  So I am chomping at the bit to get going.  And waiting for publications to get back to work and judge my submissions. It’s all going to be good, I can tell. One way or the other.




So today I don’t feel as good as I have been.  I really feel overwhelmed trying to get things cleaned up from taking down all the Christmas decorstions.  I need to do laundry but feel just paralyzed.  I know one problem is that I let my cleaning ladies off this week and that’s why it’s so cluttered and bad.  So I am trying to be rational about it and not let it overwhelm me.  But it still is.

My girls went out this morning to get their nails done with their aunt.  They seem to have had a good time.  Hopefully I can get them to help me c lean up some this afternoon.

What I need to do is concentrate on the good and not let an off day torn into a lost weekend.  But that hard to do.  But I’m working at it.  Pray for me.



Post Christmas II

We cleaned up the wreckage from the gifts before our company came, and now we’re having to clean up the wreckage from de-decorating the trees.  I want to stay on top of the house stuff better than usual because it was so nice having the house clean for so long. But we have to find a new storage box for one of our trees–its original box decided to split on the sides when we tried putting it back in

WE go meet my mother-in-law for lunch today–she asked us yesterday and I was hoping we could be done cleaning up but I doubt it. But we will go anyway. She’s always fun to be around.

I figured out what I’m going to buy with my Barnes and Noble cards–I’m going to get Carrie Fisher’s memoirs.  She was bipolar like me and I’m interested to see how she put her story together.  I’ll get one of the books of the list I gave people, the Neil Gaiman one.  But I’ll put the bulk of it to Fisher’s  books so I can use them to inform my own thesis.

I’m so glad to be doing so well but I can’t shake the feeling of the other shoe getting ready to drop. I’m not manic–I’m in a really great place right now but I’m a little paranoid that I’ll wake up one morning depressed again.  I pray every day that I won’t.


So we had company yesterday–Brian and Mary and their kids watching the bowl game for Mississippi State. We had a good time yelling at the TV over some of the boneheaded stuff that want on.  It was a typical State game except that we actually won by blocking a field goal in the very last few seconds to win by a point. ‘

Then we went to Hallmark Cards for our end of the year ornament spree.  I’m going to find somewhere to keep them inside so we will not lose them like we lost last year’s.  We will see how it all turns out.  Today we went to Wal mart for the girls to spend their money from Christmas and my youngest one to exchange a movie we already had for a new one.  So that was productive.

I slept in today but have stayed up pretty well so far.  I still feel good so that is nice–no Christmas tiredness or let down.  I can’t wait to shop with my gift cards at the bookstore so am excited about that. We’re going this weekend.

After the first of the year I plan to start sending off some more short stories.  I haven’t written anything new but will keep sending out what I have.  I will do a piece for Defying Shadows on how I feel I’m in remission and will see how that turns out.

All in all it’s been s very successful Christmas on all levels.  the girls loved their presents and that always makes us happy.


We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Started out with my folks on Christmas Eve day and my daddy was in a good mood so that made everyone happy.  The girls got lots of fun stuff–I think my youngest one’s favorite was a calligraphy set. Hope she is disciplined enough to learn it. Then Christmas morning with all of us at home.   My “elf” gift went over well–everyone liked their Charlie Brown/Mississippi State T-shirts. I only wrapped one gift wrong and It wasn’t too bad a mistake–I gave what I had intended for BOb (all 79 Star Trek original episodes) to my middle one.  She liked it better than Bob seemed to would have.  The girls liked all their presents and I liked all of mine.

Then we went to church and had a wonderful service. I’m really glad we did not give in to the temptation to not go. And we got out early so didn’t delay dinner with Bob’s parents.  The kids got really special gifts from their grandparents–nativity scenes that were made in Bethlehem.  My oldest started crying when she opened hers.   So that was neat.

I’m going to have fun shopping–I got bookstore gift cards instead of the books I had requested.  So it will be fun to find them.  But we will see how that goes.  Today instead of shopping we are having friends over to watch the Mississippi State bowl game.   So the house is all nice and clean 🙂  I have so enjoyed the holidays so far.  Hopefuly I will stay on an even keel and continue to do so.


Holiday Baking

SO today we made sausage balls finally and are ready for Christmas morning. I’ll make  a cobbler Christmas Eve for CHirstmas morning breakfast as well. We’ve made chocolate chip cookies two ways, snickerdoodles, and pecan turtles.  Busy busy.

My girls go up to see the cousins tonight and to spend the night with my mom .  Then Bob and I will go up tomorrow and spend Christmas Eve with my family and we will have a good time, I think.  All signs are looking positive this year

I wish I oculd come up with something to write about   I feel like I’m wasting time.

My mood has stayed good so far and I think that is great!  I;ve stayed out of the bed once I get up so that has been nice as well. I haven’t been  obsessing about anything and that is a nice feeling as well. But I’m not hyperactive either.  SO that makes me feel good as well.

So I’ll most post again until after Christmas so I hope everyone has a merry holiday.  May all  your dreams come true!





So we went back to the dyslexia doctor and he said the trouble she was having was with inferential reasoning, ie the Whys of what she is reading.  She can read enough to see that two shirts do not carry the same price but nt well enough to figure our why one costs more than the other.   He said some of it is dyslexia and part of it is age.  He did one retest and said she had jumped two grade levels from when she took it this past summer, so that was good.   So we seem to be expecting too much of her.

We will see how it goes.  They are all playing nice right now but weren’t earlier, so we had to have a talk.  Hopefully the whole f vacation will go well.


Sausage Balls

I’m trying to decide if I want to cook these this morning or tomorrow for Christmas breakfast.  It’s a tradition  and the kids reminded me the last time I went to the grocery store.   I started it early in our marriage and the kids always remember.  I also make apple cobbler, but will wait on that until Christmas morning.

TOday is going to be a lazy day otherwise. My girls are shopping for their grandmother for Christmas with their grandfather and Bob is going to get a tooth filled so I will have the house to myself. for a while again.  Don’t know what I’m going to do except for maybe some more laundry.

I’ts nice to feel good and be able to get stuff done, but getting it all done quickly leaves me with time on my hands.  I should be writing something else instead of just the blog, but I can’t come up with anything right now.  I’m going to do another bit for the mental health blog I write for, but that’s not due until late January.

So I hope everybody can push through the last few days of holiday and enjoy themselves at Christmas.  Merry merry!


The Fun Continues

Now our garage door is refusing to operate this morning .  So we’re lifting and closing it with our bare hands,  I would just leave it up but it’s too chilly for that.  We had a tiny tiny snow flurry  this morning when I went out to put something in the mail box. But it’s warming up and should get pretty hot actually at Christmas. So we will see how it goes.

Went and got my hair cut and colored.  SO that was nice.  I told her how well things were going and how I felt like I was in remission again. So she was glad for me.

I’ve decided I’m going to spend the rest of the holidays to catching up on my reading.  I have one book I’ve been trying to finish for months and three others I have bought but haven’t read. So I’m going to try to spend my free time investing in my mind like I used to and see if that helps my operating any. We will see.

I’m trying to research remission and find out how to maintain it.  I’m mostly finding statistics on how hard it is to do so.  So I hope to write a post in January about it.

GOing ot be a slow rest of the day, I think. I plan to stay awake, read, and finish laundry.  Hopefully the repair guy will be here soon.



My oldest seems recovered from her tooth surgery and the middle one woke up from sleeping off her nausea medication feeling fine, so we had a good weekend. The youngest had a dance party Saturday that went well.

the oldest is crocheting a tree skirt for one of our Christmas tree and needs more yarn, so we are going out to get that and go get Christmas cooking stuff for my oldest to make candy.  So we have a busy morning.  I see Tillie at 11 and hope to have a productive session there, and to find out if she is raising her fees nest year.

So we are heading out to brave Walmart and see what we can find.  Hope everyone has a productive pre-Christmas week!