Energetic and Upbeat!

I feel good again this morning.  SO this is nice.  It almost feels like normal.  I’m really apprehensive about saying that in case I scare it  away.  But I really do feel well this morning.

I did something fun yesterday.  I made another dream poster, something I haven’t done in a long time.  I was going through magazines to give away to the daycare, and GOd just prompted me to look through them one more time to find inspirational phrases and images to put on a sheet of paper.   I thought it was going to be inspirational about being where I am right now, which is a wife and mommy.  Instead the Lord led me to put together exciting words about the next year.

I pulled out “Shine”, “Share”, “Strong” and   “Free” out as the main words, then filled in a picture of a water fountain for the center.  The main quote is “You have to really put yourself out there–heart, soul. everything–to do anything well”.   The title of the poster is “Visions”.  Other words are “Awakening”, “Boldest”, “Bravest”, “Wow”and “Power”.  Other phrases are “Ask for it”,  “Keep your mind sharp”, “Surprise Yourself”, “Change for the better”, and  “I will light up every room I walk into”.

I just feel so optimistic about the future right now.  And not about publishing or anything like that.  Just that the future looks bright and that GOd is with me.  Maybe it’s just the Christmas spirit.  But whatever it is I’ll take it.


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