Shop ’til You Drop

Today was shopping day.  We finished almost everything and except for having to double back on our steps once or twice, we did really well on time.   Everyone in our family should be well taken care of this Christmas.  At least we are hoping so.

WE also had a good time together.  I was awake and happy and he was cheerful as well.   There have been times when it was just one great big slog through the mall.  But we agreed on what we were buying and what needed purchasing and everything else.  So that made us happy and good to go. Tomorrow I will catch up with schoolwork and laundry.

WE go to church tonight and should enjoy that.  We’ll take angel tree contributions then and get that taken care of.  I hope those gifts are received well and everything works.

I’ve gotten a lot of rejections lately but not more than I can handle it seems.  We will see how things go next year.




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